Do you need our Air Duct Repair Services?

Air duct repair eliminates system leaks, holes, damage, deterioration and/or loose joints or fittings that can:

  • Air Duct RepairReduce air flow to your living spaces
  • Decrease comfort levels of your home
  • Lengthen the duration and increase the frequency of the run cycles of your HVAC system
  • Cost you extra money on your energy bills every month
  • Increase wear and tear on your HVAC unit
  • Severely reduce the quality of the air you breathe indoors

Possible causes for duct system damage:

Age itself. Air duct systems, like everything else, have a definite life span, which can be different based on location, quality of installation and materials used, moisture and humidity levels, etc. Over time, the stress of hot/cold, expansion/contraction, summer condensation vs. heat drying in the winter, and other factors reduce the R factor of your duct work's insulation, even possibly causing some of it to come loose or fall off. It can also create dips and sags in your duct lines which cause air leaks and loss from loose joints and fittings.

Are you allowing critters access into your crawlspace? Cats, rats, possums, skunks, raccoons and rodents enjoy taking up residence in the dark quiet of your crawlspace and can secretly do damage and create leakage in your duct system that can have you unknowingly paying higher energy bills every month!

A leaky duct system allows air loss into your crawlspace or attic, which means that a lower volume of air is available from your HVAC unit to condition your living space. This equates to longer and more frequent run cycles, reduced evenness of temperature and comfort levels, increased wear and tear and potentially reduced lifespan of your HVAC unit, and potentially much higher energy bills every month! This compromise in the integrity of your duct system can also cause your HVAC unit to constantly draw dirty, musty, moldy crawlspace or attic air into your living space and breathing air! Duct system inspections are part of every air duct cleaning we perform and air duct repair and/or replacements are among our portfolio of services. In other words, if it's air ducts, we do it!!

To summarize, air duct repair work may be necessary when damaged by rodents or other animals. It can also need repaired due to deterioration caused by extreme environmental conditions of your crawlspace or attic (such as excessive moisture or dryness, extreme heat or cold), or, because of age, inferior installation, or the wear and tear of thousands of heating and cooling cycles, could simply have "worked loose" over time. This, again, creates the potential for leakage and air loss throughout the system. It can also allow moisture, mold, bacteria, and debris such as insects and animal feces to get into your air ducts, AND can potentially give an access for snakes, bugs and rodents to enter your home. In most instances, air duct repair or replacement of your HVAC duct work provides the total solution to these issues! After a thorough inspection or your duct system, we can determine if any air duct repair or replacement is needed. Should repairs be required, most of the time our staff is equipped to make them while on site!